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  • 17 lessons

Building blocks for real estate practice

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  • How to consistently attract both Sellers & Buyers

  • How and where to spend your money

  • Where your time is most productive

  • How to build a lean productive team

  • How to structure your business to routinely reach the closing table

  • How to evaluate a brokerage to best serve your business

  • How to fill your prospect pipeline

  • And so much more!


H Craig Plantz

After highschool I served honorably in the United States Air Force until 1987

In 1992 I was licensed under Perry & Butler as a real estate agent in Colorado where I received multiple sales awards.  

In 1995 I joined two friends at Colorado Real Estate Online, LLC (CREO), one of the first companies in the United States to put MLS listings on the Internet. I became President  of CREO in 1997 prior to the company's sale to EW Scripps in 1999.

In 2000 I opened a residential real estate firm in Colorado which I used to develop and train thousands of agents to deploy my Systematic Approach to Real Estate program. My brokerage is active today and has grown well beyond Colorado.

Through my experiences in the DOT COM space, my time as a real estate agent, and operating a brokerage through the 2008 challenge,  I have learned what works and how to help associates build scalable businesses without wasting their time or money.

My course has everything you need including your message, your systems, and how to allocate your time. Following this proven process will yield the business you want.

I look forward to hearing about your success!

H. Craig Plantz

Put these lessons into action and build the business you want

Proven techniques that work in all markets and price ranges

Many agents have a haphazard approach to their business

This course outlines the materials, the tools & systems, and the processes to use them eliminating wasting your resources

Direct mail works and doesn't have to be expensive

Direct mail is one of the techniques you will learn. Using my targeted process it is both profitable and easy to deploy

At just $399 this is the best investment you can make for your business

Join thousands of agents who have invested in themselves